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Breakfast at The Inn at Defiance

Our breakfasts are served at 9:00 a.m.  Of course, a hot cup of coffee or tea will always be available before breakfast is ready from coffee/tea makers in select locations in the house!  We prepare local, farm-fresh foods (when seasonally available) and promise to leave you satisfied before you start your day.

Our kitchen is in plain sight, so guests enjoy watching and conversing about the foods being prepared each morning with products that come to us from purveyors such as The Bavarian Smoke Haus, Goodman's Good Eggs, Dan's Country Meats, Companion Bakery, local farms, and our wonderful coffees and teas from Breve Coffee.  

Choose to have breakfast at individual tables in our spacious kitchen/dining area, or enjoy the camaraderie of others at our large table in the gathering space.